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    Being a high-quality and trendsetter Turkish brand “Tuvanam” was established in 2005. It was part of the realisation project of its designer Tuvana B. Demir and her husband Selim Demir in order to be known world wide as a high fashion brand. Tuvanam was participated in various prestigious fairs such as Pure London, CPM Moscow, Who’s Next Paris, Intermezzo Milan, New York-The Train… etc. Nowadays, Tuvanam is selling in 15 countries nearly with 100 sales points. Tuvanam’s philosophy is to create superior, distinguished and differentiated styles in textile. Thanks to her strong and genuine vision, designer Tuvana Demir started to design for courageous and elegant women having no limits in their imaginations. Others may be the princess but you’re the only queen with your Tuvanam dress.

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